2025 Heart Show 

February 19 - 23, 2025

Musical at Etherredge Center- USC Aiken
Make Plans to Attend!
Tickets on Sale: TBA

The Etherredge Center:
340 Scholar Loop, Aiken, SC 29801

February 19 -23, 2025
(Nights: Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat - 7:30 pm)

(Sat. Matinee- 2:00 pm)
(Sunday Matinee- 3:00 pm)

2024 Show: Heart Revival

2024 Show Recap: Heart Revival

The age-old story of Good vs Evil in 1930s Heartsville. The folks in this small Midwest town are trying their best to get through the Evil that is the Depression. Money is scarce, so the local church is struggling, however, the saloon stays full. A new tent revival group sets up just outside of town and brings its own cast of characters and drama. Will Evil ruin Heartsville or will Good prevail and revive the town?

The Aiken Women's Heart Board presents the 2024 Heart Shows

Encore Show
September 28 -29, 2024

Concert at Etherredge Center- USCA 

Heartfelt Concert
Dates: Nov/ Dec 2024 TBA
Special Outdoor Event


Heart Show
Dates: February 19-23, 2025

Musical at Etherredge Center- USCA 

Raising Funds to Cure Heart Disease.

The Aiken Women’s Heart Board (AWHB) was founded in 1968 by a group of women in Aiken, SC determined to save and improve the lives of others. With the purpose of raising funds to support the American Heart Association and its mission to fight and cure cardiovascular disease, the AWHB has raised over 2.7 million dollars.

The Aiken Women’s Heart Board (AWHB) sponsors special events like musicals, fashion shows, and concerts to fundraise and promote awareness to the importance of heart health programs and education.

Why is our Purpose Important? Because Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of Americans, and on average is the Number #1 killer of persons worldwide. Over 600,000 US citizens die each year of heart disease. The American Heart Association provides cardiovascular research, educational resources and offers lifesaving tools to save lives, and we work to foster and support that ongoing mission.

Show your support by attending and supporting events of the Aiken Women’s Heart Board.
Together We Can Make a Difference

The AWHB is a registered South Carolina non-profit organization, that is a qualified IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. 

AWHB - Making a Difference Since 1968

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer worldwide, and stroke ranks second globally.
Even when those conditions don’t result in death, they cause disability and diminish quality of life.

The AWHB continues to raise heart health awareness and generate financial offering in support of heart disease education and research.

Your support of AWHB has made a positive difference in lives of many individuals throughout our community and nation.


Over $2.7 Million

Donated to the
American Heart Association

Over 56 years
of Service

 Community Service within the Aiken, South Carolina Area

Aiken Women's
Heart Board

PO Box 5211
Aiken, SC 29804


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